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Make Borderless

Cross-industry collaboration that is not bound by industry boundaries
・Selecting materials that are not bound by preconceived notions
・Genderless specifications beyond gender
・Global services without borders
・Fusion of traditional industry and the latest technology

Make New Value

From now on, customers will decide to purchase products after confirming the background and identity of the product.
From now on, the distance between the customer and the creator will be closer, and the focus will be on the craftsman.
From now on, a new brand will be created with consideration for all living things on earth.


Make Denim Platform

・Our project is not limited to clothing manufacturing. Denim has already expanded its scope to building materials. Recycling makes it possible. Denim that is no longer needed can be collected and reborn. We, as denim makers, can breathe new life into denim and develop it not only into clothes, but also into miscellaneous goods and interiors. The possibilities are endless.
・Furthermore, the possibilities of denim are endless. Denim becomes a platform and works as a new tool. When denim wears new value and expands possibilities, new projects can be created through denim. It will be a clue to solve the problems of the region and the industry and bring about improvement. For that reason, it is necessary to incorporate the opinions of various people and promote future-oriented collaboration, regardless of the genre of the industry. We have the boundless passion to challenge it.

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