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To realize the sustainability of JAPAN denim


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BoleeGa is a word that means "THE FINEST" in our local dialect. From Fukuyama, a world-famous denim production area, all kinds of craftsmen have joined hands to create a one-of-a-kind, one-of-a-kind item. BoleeGa to our customers! The craftsmen are BoleeGa what you can say! BoleeGa to what can be said, and to society! We will create a project that you can say.

AW Collection

Our full-order jeans pursue BoleeGa (superior quality) that conforms to the social norms of the future. It covers SDGs, Sustainability, Eco Friendly, Social Contributions, etc. And at the same time, it also asks the customer's choice. That is why we are willing to reveal all the roots of our products.

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Price : ¥1,100,000 (tax included)-

Fukuyama denim has been selected by high-end brands in Japan and overseas, and has always worked with famous designers. Since we were selected and specialized in B to B, we didn't have the opportunity to meet general B to C customers. This time Project BoleeGa is based on facing one customer, and the craftsmen are looking forward to it.


The origin of Fukuyama's denim industry dates back about 400 years. Bingo Kasuri, one of the three major Kasuri patterns in Japan, was born and prospered. When kasuri was about to disappear in the post-war modernization, denim was found by local kasuri makers to survive. The traditional industry that has continued unbroken has become the cornerstone of the world's denim. Project BoleeGa wants to be part of Fukuyama's denim era.

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Project BoleegG Site Office: 


1030-4 Tote, Shinichicho, Fukuyama City,

Hiroshima Prefecture

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