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First event

The Show Case

Project BoleeGa's first event!

You can enter and exit at any time.

Everyone is welcome to come on either day.

Feb .18sat

Project BoleeGa

Live sewing, order taking, and production event & Second Line announcement event


Project BoleeGa × OCEANS​

Collaboration event

Gift lottery ticket registration

Those who have registered to visit on the OCEANS official website will be eligible for the lottery to win one pair of Miura Jeans.↑

Registration deadline

OPEN | 11:00am

Toho White Terrace 1F, 1-6-6 Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

◀︎English translation


Day 2

11:00 OPEN

You can enter and exit at any time.


Guest: Mr. Masashi Miura (Marshi)

A discussion about denim between Mr. Miura and the Project BoleeGa members

Announcement of the Miura Jeans & order-taking, immediate sale, and production event

Introduction of Project BoleeGa activities / Introduction of the Fukuyama area

Purchasers on the day of the event will be able to take part in the production.

After the talk show, Mr. Miura, Project BoleeGa members, guest tailors, and guests chatting.

Live sewing (fabric, patterns, cutting, ironing, sewing, trims, finishing / equipment...Reproduction of a Fukuyama sewing factory in Tokyo)

Those who have registered to visit on the OCEANS official website will be eligible for the lottery to win one pair of

Miura Jeans.→

Registration deadline

17:00 Last entry time

19:00 CLOSE

All Project BoleeGa products include a "contribution fee" that is used to protect and foster the local textile industry.


We will prepare the best hospitality from Fukuyama on both days.

Fukuyama Craft Beer/Original Spice Mix & Original Denim Label Version

Fukuyama cubic rice crackers (Project BoleeGa original package)

Fukuyama Dorayaki (individually wrapped)

Coffee/Mineral water

Product Sales, Cafe

We have goods from Fukuyama such as recycled socks, chairs, and denim corsages, etc.

The cafe attached to the venue will be reserved for our event on both days.


We would like to ask visitors to fill out a questionnaire to help with the planning of future Project BoleeGa activities.


Project BoleeGa


Regional diplomat

Representative of Project BoleeGa. Contact person, spokesperson, and guide. Representative of Annapurna, a restaurant specializing in Indian cuisine. 33 years of work involving India and running Annapurna for 27 years. She conceived the original idea of a BoleeGa that would attract wealthy Indians, as she had welcomed many tourists from India in her own restaurant. Also responsible for connecting India and Japan and travel business.

Miki Tachibana


Samurai on a

sewing machine

He is in charge of advising customers on making clothes, making suggestions, listening, cutting, sewing, and finishing. Guide to a company specializing in sample production.

President of Mill Create Ltd. Founded in 2005. A company specializing in manufacturing samples that are said to be made with the highest level of skill in the apparel industry. The company has a clientele of domestic and international high brands and produces the numbers worn on the runway for each collection. Some mass production is also available.

​Kimiharu Mizunari

Guest seamstress


Kayo Mita

Creator of Style

Co-owner of Mill Create Ltd. Through pattern making, she creates a prototype from nothing and transform it into a three-dimensional form of the garment the customer wants to make.

Patterns are the most important part, as they serve as the blueprints that form the foundation of the garment-making process, including pattern making from listening to the customer, creation from design drawings, and improvement of supplied patterns. Based on her patterns, cutting, sewing, and all the tuning is in perfect order, resulting in clothing that can be considered a masterpiece.


A guide to well-tuned clothing

He is a guide for customers visiting Project BoleeGa and accompanies customers throughout the entire Manufacturing TourismⓇprocess.

Works at Mill Create Ltd. Conduct meetings with designers and the first confrontation with apparel companies. He is a master at accurately listening to the client's image and requests and capturing the nuances.
Works at Mill Create Ltd. as a manager.

Shunsuke Sato

Guest tailor


Masataka Kobatake

President of Wonder Three Machine Works

After graduating from in fashion design (4 years), he gained 15 years of experience in a sewing company and started his own business.

The beauty of his stitches is unmatched by anyone. His advanced craftsmanship is demonstrated as a subcontractor of Mill Create. He may look cool and punk, but he's currently working hard on raising his kids! He is also Mr. Miyauchi's mentor.

Guest tailor assistant

Figure 2.png

President of Miyauchi Apparel

He recently graduated from graduate school in 2022. His love of clothing and fashion led him to attend a denim school in Fukuyama City while still in college, where he mastered the art of denim sewing. His father worked in the textile industry and his DNA is endorsed. After graduation, with the support of Project BoleeGa, he trained under the industry's top people. One of his mentors at that time was Mr. Kobatake. He is working toward establishing his own brand.

Ryoga Miyauchi

Main equipment for producing one pair of jeans

Cutting shears (for hand cutting)

Medium-thickness flat-bed sewing machine

Double-capacity hook flat-bed sewing machine  

Lockstitch sewing machine 

3-needle sewing machine 

Electronic lockstitch bar tacker 

Main hole overlock sewing machine

YKK punching machine

Vacuum iron

​...and many other tools used by each craftsman

All these equipments will be on set at Tokyo venue!

Support Companies

Sakamoto Denim

Aiya Terroir

Setoya Shimakawa

Bingo Fukuyama Brew-in CollegeShiitake Creative


Fujii Ribbon

Traditional Crafts Co., Ltd.

Uda Confectionery

Atelier flower rabbit

Miyauchi clothing

Suyama Mizuho

Akebono Crafts

nakanishi hikonoshigoto

Mayo Co., Ltd.

wonder three machine works

Nail Salon Myn

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