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Price: 1,100,000 yen (tax included) ~ / per one Denim + additional travel expenses

*Varies depending on the selection of materials and parts.

*Explanations related to products are free of charge.


Project Boleega's full-order jeans project is "Manufacture Tourism®", a fusion of manufacturing and tourism.
The customer's denim manufacturing process begins with the selection of raw materials for the fabric, decides on the design including buttons and zippers, creates a pattern, cuts according to the pattern, and follows the process of sewing and finishing. You will first see two very different types of dyeing processes that are important to your denim production. This is because there is a possibility that the final jeans made by our customers will change greatly. The reason why it changes is because you can understand the story of manufacturing for the first time when you actually come, see it, and meet the craftsmen.
At BoleeGa, we would like to provide this kind of customer experience for the first time, and hope that you will experience the new and correct denim feel.

Advocating Manufacture Tourism®

Flow to completion

We will make a proposal according to your request.
Please feel free to contact us.

We will make suggestions according to your needs. Please feel free to contact us first.

Application reservation

Form belowPlease contact us first.
*Please contact us, including your travel plans.

Craftsman visit/meeting/delivery

You can bring your own denim plan you want to make,

You can come without a plan at all.
While explaining the denim manufacturing process and the materials used, we will proceed based on the customer's request.
We also have a part where you can actually get involved in the process.
There are several factories that you can tour, so you can enjoy sightseeing in Fukuyama or relax at your accommodation.

Don't worry about programming.
Also, if one visit is not enough, you can visit us again and again.

Denim is a companion that becomes a lifelong friend. Please visit our page.

Model Plan


First day

[Aizome process tour] ​
・Sakamoto Denim Co., Ltd.
・Aiya Terroir

→Bella Vista Spa & Marina Onomichi Suite Room 4 consecutive nights 
  ※Vacancy check required

[Selection of fabrics and design parts]

・Shinohara Textile

- Factory tour & fabric selection and meeting

・Milk create

―Move to design & parts selection production

Second Day

image (6).png

First day

Visiting customers and fitting / fitting

[Free time all day]

・Meeting for those who want to further refine the idea of denim

・If you want to participate in the production work, visit the site
・Sightseeing / factory tour / relax at spa

[Free time all day]

・Meeting for those who want to further refine the idea of denim

・If you want to participate in the production work, visit the site
・Sightseeing / factory tour / relax at spa

First day


First day

Completion and delivery of one full-order jeans in the world

We will hand it over to the customer after confirming the finish.

It comes with a "Lifetime Warranty" and includes maintenance to last a lifetime.

Tour Desk: "JTB Fukuyama Branch"


※製作打ち合わせの前に、Private Factory Tourを実施させていただきます。




 現在ご対応させていただくProject BoleeGaのメンバーとご訪問いただくお客様双方でのPCR検査



​ First, from the form below,
​Please contact us.

BoleeGa Site Office: 〒729-3101 1030-4 Tode Shinichi-chou Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture


Thank you for sending

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